Monday, January 19, 2009

The best friends.

My friends are so darn sweet. Can you believe how crafty they are? For my son's birthday, Nikki made him a super sweet super hero cape, in his favorite color with his initial. She also sewed a headband for me on my birthday, all because I had mentioned I was trying to let my gray come in and grow out my color.

Gretchen drew my name for the annual Jitterbug gift exchange. She made these CUTE potholders and washcloths with a dishtowel. Love that I see a little bit of her in my kitchen each day since she lives across the country. They're pictured here with my husband's yummy weekend pizza. The kids prefer their own little calzones that they make with him. Mmmm!

And while there's no photos of Wendi's thoughtful gift, she gave me a kid-free day on my birthday, so while my daughter was at Kindergarten, Wendi watched True all day!! One of my favorite gifts all year, much as I love those kiddos, I'm sure you can all relate.

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gigglegirl said...

OK I'm dyin' how do they do it!! I'm jealous over here...nice work crafty ladies...I want a cape? Do they come in zebra stripes??