Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Smarty boy.

It amazes me that no matter how much TV and Leapster this kid loves, not matter how disinterested he is in drawing, art, or anything else academia besides books, he just absorbed all the letters and numbers anyway. I took so many measures with my first child, and nothing like her hunger for knowledge really showed up with number 2. He's very typical, stereotypical really. First his passion was balls. The race cars. A minor offtrack into dinosaurs (way out there, I know :) ) and back onto race cars. He loves sports. I mean He. Loves. Sports. He's a very physical kid, physical "love language," physical learner. Therefore when we assemble this huge floor puzzle of an alphabet train, he has to tap each letter while he says it's name. In a rock and roll beat, because he loves that too.
But even while he's all boy and very predictable as far as all that's concerned, he's still a three and a half year old that very much wants to be like his big sister. Which explains the orange toe nail polish with blue glitter on top. Dark blue. Because he's a boy. :)

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