Monday, September 29, 2008

And Mr. Bean has some news too!

Boo. Mr. Bean. Tootoo. Our little guy is little no more.

He's nearly three.

Not to mention a superstar race car driver "Rock and Troll" singing Big Guy.

Just see for yourself: he's in swim class- without Mom, he's on a soccer team- the Hoppers, and he has his own Big Guy work to do. My sweet pea is sure growing into a big three year old!

He says:

"Mom, check out my cool moves!"

"Mom, I put my head under water!"

"Mom, I drew a rocket por Dad." And he did.

Meanwhile, I am sadly wondering just when I turned into plain old Mom. Where or where are the days of Mommy?

1 comment:

gia said...

Ok...who is this little guy all grown up!! Adorable!! I know what you mean about the "mom" thing...I'm hoping that I'll be mommy for a little while longer....