Saturday, June 7, 2008

Garage Sale Goodies!

The weather in Seattle this "Spring" is exceptionally depressing, but the season must go on. So instead of buying sunblock and rolling out the slip-n-slide, we're still pouring into our galoshes for rain walks, making "fuzzy milks" (warm rice milk with vanilla & cinnamon), and having plenty of movie nights.
Luckily, garage sale season is upon us, come rain or shine, and here are my favorite recent treasures. The kids are old enough to get it this year, and they collect their coins and are not at all selective on what makes for a great find. Along with fabric swatches, miscellaneous craft paraphernalia, and dress up, I've managed to score a few vintage items for decor in my art studio (camera, frames, cool photo display for my scrap booking embellishments), the kids got this like-new green bean bag and a Scrabble game for a buck that we use the letters for reading and letter recognition. Additionally I bought some great red Mary-Janes for myself that True swears we bought for him, and this snazzy black trench coat.
Goodies like these help ease the transition from Winter into a second Autumn

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