Sunday, June 1, 2008


I am here. I am in the vapor of life here, these fleeting moments of raising small ones with all my might, while being constantly distracted by bills, housekeeping, stress, sleep issues, ear infections, allergies, car batteries, toys underfoot, and that pile of laundry that doesn't seem to shrink. These things, in their masses, pull me from my post of ever-present mama, adoring wife, thoughtful friend, good daughter, sister, etc. and especially from the role of individual. This stuff of life, these roles, so little of it matters in the end, and what really does is dress up, finger paints, weekends away with the man I love, kissing ouchies, questions like, "How does that make you feel?" and being inspired to take action. The idea that moves me the most is that of showing up. Showing up for my kids. Showing up for my special people, my sister, my girlfriends. When my husband shows up for me, in a way that I don't know elsewhere. So being more present is the goal here, in my own life and in those that matter to me. I'm here.

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Gretchen said...

YEAH! Can't wait to hear your daily thoughts, funny things the kids are an inspiration!
Have fun with the blog!