Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Chinese camp.

Carsen just completed her Chinese summer camp. During the school year, we're lucky enough to have the PTA foot the bill for Mandarin lessons three days a week in all classrooms K-5. Carsen has always shown great interest in other cultures and languages, which ofcourse is a big hit with us parents, so when this camp was offered for two weeks this summer, we had to jump on board. At first, she was pretty apprehensive. Summer had just begun, it was as long as the school day, and somehow she was placed in an entirely different class than any of her school friends. In the end, she has a handful of new friends from around the community, her grasp on Mandarin was really strengthened, and she was oh so proud on the last day of camp, when Ethan, True, and I showed up for a little celebration. The kids sang and danced, and gave us atour of all their hard work over the course of the camp. We came home with maps, lanterns, art, worksheets, you name it. And all of which Carsen can explain to us in Mandarin.
I have a theory though. I think she gets a kick out of this mostly because she can do something the rest of her family can't. This is so very Carsen!

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