Wednesday, July 8, 2009

I am.

You've heard of "I am" statements? I'm doing a program that's got me very excited, it's all about personal development. I'll fill you in on that later (tease!). But one of the things I'm doing is my "I am" statements that I've written about myself. You know, you write your goals as if they are already true. I read these out loud to myself at day's beginning and day's end. I figured instead of jotting them down in my dayplanner and searching for them each day, I'd pretty them up a bit, make them more inviting, and all the more true. So I made this little framed message to myself, and I see it first thing each morning on my nightstand. Wish me luck... or manifestation, or realization, or whatever magic helps these dreams for myself come true.
Here are my I am statements:
I am fit. I eat well, exercise 4 times a week, and my clothes feel good on me.
I am at peace. I practice personal development daily.
I have a healthy self image. I speak positively about myself and my family is lucky to have me.
I am a sexy and playful wife.
I am a present and good-listening mom.
I have a nurtured relationship with God.
I show up for my friends.

One disclaimer: This course is for me. The me that I am after being a mommy. I devote nearly every waking moment to my kids and this program is to help me see the me beyond all of that, who I am as an individual, as a creative soul, as a wife, and as a healing, evolving person. Therefore, my kids are barely mentioned above. But I know that a happy, healthy mom directly affects children, so ultimately this is for them as much as it is for me.

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