Tuesday, July 21, 2009


It takes a lot to pull one over on Dad, so after weeks of planning, the day is finally here! To really throw him off, we secretly planned for him to take the day off, the day BEFORE his birthday. The kids put so much love and thought into surprising him, and here's what they came up with:

  • Allow Dad to sleep in (per Mommy's insistance, oooh, so hard!)
  • Treat Dad to his fave, a fried egg sandwhich at the neighborhood diner. We are big egg sammich fans, but because of True's allergies we can't have eggs in the house. So this is an unusual treat. Right up there with PB&Js.
  • Treat Dad to a round of Mini Golf, at the nearby "Happy Family Fun Center" (dubbed by True), which is one of those places you will probably never see me. Unless my kids planned it for my husband's birthday.
  • Lunch: Dad's choice. I'm sure it will either be A. Another sandwhich, B. A slice of pizza, or C. Dick's burgers. Ewwww. Again, only on E's birthday.
  • Home for a nap/uninterupted time with the Xbox while I fend off the kids.
  • This is the kicker: For E's birthday, the kids got the idea that they MUST set up an obstacle course. In our back yard. Hmmm.
  • Lastly, we will wrap it up in a manner that is as much selfish for me as it is a treat for Ethan. A babysitter. This will get us out of the witching hour, while we dine at La Medusa, and then turn in fat and happy.

No gift, you say? No, no gift. We are big on birthdays around here, and will probably never be the couple that only buys for the kids. But this year, my husband decided to purchase two big-ticket items for himself. On the month of his birthday. In this economy. Thanks, honey. I mean I know it's out of character for you and all, but geesh. So we now have a ping pong table (?!) and a home gym. And so, happy birthday, E. This year, it's mini golf, obstacle course, and dinner. I guess it's original!

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Nikki said...

I'll be right over to challenge Ethan to a game of ping pong :)