Sunday, July 26, 2009

Dog days of summer.

For Seattle, it's been off-the-charts hot outside. While we wait for the sun for about eight months a year, we still get to the point where venues with air conditioning start to sound pretty appealing. We've had a good mix of scheduled outings, like soccer, swimming, and our new love: Hapkido. But we also have a good assortment of impromtu outings to nice, cool places, like Ikea playroom, Seattle Children's Museum, and REI for a smoothie and climbing in the treehouse.
And ofcourse there are many opportunities for downtime, like playgrounds, the beach, and a few more movie nights than during the school year. This has to be my favorite summer yet, since having two kids.
Also, the middle picture is our family enjoying the newly opened lightrail. We rode it from Columbia City on it's opening weekend, and it was a big hit for all of us.

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